With more than 50 years of combined management experience in the frontline of the photovoltaic industry, starting from the production of solar ingots, wafers, cells, and panels to products distribution and project development, we founded Suntiago as a holistic solution consisting of competitive products sourcing, components testing, project development services and market insights for the wide variety of customers and suppliers operating in the solar market.

Our customers stretch from project developers to wholesalers and manufacturers. To meet their growing requirements, we offer the following key elements

Delivering comprehensive solutions on-grid, off-grid and hybrid projects with a complete and diversified portfolio of certified solar panels, inverters, batteries, kits, mounting structures, connectors, cables, and all other required components.

Maximizing return on investment of commercial and utility-scale project development for landowners, developers, and investors with experienced field survey, EPC services, and customized investment strategies

In-house PV laboratory solar panels precertification, flash reports generation, and defects detection done with leading power and electroluminescence measurement equipment for manufacturers, project owners, and O&M service providers

Supply niche and mainstream markets with customized solar panels for BIPV, IoT, Traffic or Mobility applications, and innovative materials and devices, including surface reflection enhancement coating, power optimizers, and anti-reflective coating for power output improvement of installed or under development projects

Internal quality control process for all products that consists of known 3rd party lab testing results, manufacturer financial ranking (such as BNEF), proven warranty and durability reputation, and our random field performance checks done together with customers to verify the product meets the highest standards over time.

Guaranteed support from our sales team within 24 hours for any inquiry, logistics centers in Europe and Asia for immediate response to customer’s demand worldwide, flexible delivery possibilities, after-sales warranty, and return policies.