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Solar panel and inverter manufacturers rankings

Information was collected from different sources to provide key points on each of the manufacturers.

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Tier 1 criteria require module manufacturer to supply own production and brand products to at least 6 different projects with over 1.5MW that were financed by 6 different banks in the past 2 years.

Solar panels


CompanyCountryBloomberg (BNEF)Capacity (MW)BankabilityPublic listing
AE SolarGermanyTier 11525
Astronergy/ChintChinaTier 18000BBB601877 (Shanghai)
BovietVietnamTier 11500B
Canadian SolarChinaTier 122200AACSIQ (Nasdaq)
DMEGCChinaTier 14000
EgingChinaTier 16000CCC600537 (Shanghai)
ET SolarChinaTier 11600
Exiom groupChinaTier 1700
First SolarUSATier 17900AAFSLR (Nasdaq)
GCL SystemsChinaTier 17200BB002506 (Shenzhen)
Haitai SolarChinaTier 16000
HansolKoreaTier 1600
Hanwha Q CELLSKoreaTier 112000
HelieneCanadaTier 1390
HT-SAAEChinaTier 16000600151 (Shanghai)
HyundaiKoreaTier 11350B267250 (KRX)
JA SolarChinaTier 134200AA
JetionChinaTier 12500CCC
Jinergy (Jinneng)ChinaTier 12700
Jinko SolarChinaTier 131000AAJKS (NYSE)
JolywoodChinaTier 13000B300393 (Shenzhen)
LeaptonChinaTier 11500
LG ElectronicsKoreaTier 12400066570 (KRX)
LONGi SolarChinaTier 150000AAA601012 (Shanghai)
NSP/URETaiwanTier 11800CCC3576 (Taiwan)
Phono Solar/SumecChinaTier 12000CCC600710 (Shanghai)
RenesolaChinaTier 11500
Risen EnergyChinaTier 119000A300118 (Shenzhen)
S-EnergyKoreaTier 1530CC095910 (KOSDAQ)
SeraphimChinaTier 15500B
SharpJapanTier 12106753 (Tokyo)
ShinsungKoreaTier 1300CC011930 (KRX)
SunPower/MaxeonUSATier 13600CCCMAXN (NASDAQ)
SwelectIndiaTier 1140
TalesunChinaTier 112000BB002309 (Shenzhen)
Trina SolarChinaTier 133600AA688599 (Shanghai)
UlicaChinaTier 11200CC
Vikram solarIndiaTier 12500
VSUNVietnamTier 12600
WaareeIndiaTier 12000CCWAAREE (BSE India)
ZNShine SolarChinaTier 16000B838463 (NEEQ)
Photowatt (EDF Group)France400EDF (Paris)


* BNEF Tier 1 listing is updated on a quarterly basis.
* Country – Main production sites of the company.
Updated Q3/2021


CompanyCountryShipments (MW)Public listing
Fimer / ABBSwitzerland/Italy6500
Power electronicsSpain8000
SMAGermany11400S92 (Frankfurt)
SolaredgeIsrael5600SEDG (NASDAQ)
SolisChina3800300763 (Shenzhen)
SungrowChina16500300274 (Shenzhen)
TBEAChina2800600089 (Shanghai)
TMEIC (Toshiba Mitsubishi)Japan4000

* Wood Mackenzie listing
Updated 2019