Performance accelerators

Solar panels power increase

Innovative anti-reflective and anti-soiling coating material for installed solar projects performance increase.
The coating increases power output by up to 4.5% for older generation solar panels manufactured before 2012-2013, making a greater return on investment for projects with early market high Feed-In Tariff.
A specialized team will make the onsite panels inspection and implementation.

Surface reflection enhancement

Onsite surface reflection solution for a power output increase of installed bifacial solar panels.
By adding a special layer to the surface during the early steps of installation, we provide a higher beam and diffuse reflection to the rear side of the panel, making a significant increase of up to 20% to the total project performances.

Power optimizers

DC-DC conversion technology solutions for string power optimization by individual panels or small arrays isolation with most efficient maximum power point tracking (MPPT), increasing the total system power output, especially in cases of partial shadow, dirt, climate change, equipment replacement, and more. Allowing compatibility between older lower voltage panels and newer higher voltage inverters, mostly in use for re-powering purposes and old failed inverters replacement.

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