Project development

Field survey

Performing a complete field survey of the chosen land with consideration to the area and it’s metrological
The onsite survey is done to obtain and confirm the site conditions such as size, annual irradiation, area
topography, nearby electrical substations, transmission lines, and all other details necessary to complete the
analysis. Project feasibility will be jointly assessed with the customer based on the field survey and timetable
possibilities for obtaining permits, project design, and construction.

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)


Designing your project according to the land characteristics, electric power transmission lines, and planning restrictions.
Latest simulation techniques and planning experience is used to reach the optimal results in terms of power
output, durability, and construction.


A global network of quality proven suppliers allows us to offer tailored procurement solution for the required equipment in the
most cost-competitive way. The long-term durability of the different components separately and altogether oblige us to use
only fully warrantied products that have been tested and certified by known lab testing institutions. The manufacturers’ financial
stability and scale are also taken into account and are re-examined frequently to maintain a guarantee for the equipment’s
entire lifespan.


Experienced local construction partners will execute the project construction plan under our team constant onsite
Any possible adjustments will be treated immediately and with care to maintain the project optimal performances as


Providing a customized financial solution to commercial and utility-scale projects that are in different development steps.

We collect all the necessary information, analyze it and build a financial product with our partners to mostly suit the project
requirements no matter under which stage of development it is currently in, from design concept to construction
suspension due to a lack of funds.

With our private and financial institution partners, we can also find the appropriate exit strategy for your completed on-
grid project.

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